Taobao Finds is a shopping blog that posts items from the Chinese shopping website, Taobao.

Taobao Finds is run by two admin: Admin S and Admin K. You can contact either of us through Asks or Fanmail. We also track the tag 'taobaofinds' if you'd like to tag posts (item reviews / pictures of your taobao hauls) for us to reblog.

Please look through our FAQ and Taobao Tips and Taobao Terms to find any information you may need before contacting us with questions regarding shopping on Taobao. If you're looking for specific items, please use our tag system further down the page. Please keep in mind that we do not answer JFashion questions or take JFashion requests!

We do not sell the items posted here ourselves and cannot vouch for item quality so please buy with caution!


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