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Thank you, we really appreciate it! Would linking to your tumblr be okay for credit or would you prefer something else?

Thank you, we really appreciate it! Would linking to your tumblr be okay for credit or would you prefer something else?

danielletori asked
Do you think its safe to buy colored contacts from taobao?

Depends on whether you enjoy being able to see things or not. 

No. NO. NO

Only buy contacts from licensed websites or your eye care center!!!!

Anonymous asked
Idk if you're open for suggestions with shopping services, but I've used TaobaoNow four times over the last year and my friend uses them regularly, and I can say they're a pretty reliable service. Their fee isn't that bad, their communication is quick and they're always understanding, and I've never had an issue with receiving wrong/damaged items. Of course I always say make sure you've done your research on shops, too, because a service can't be held responsible if you order from a shoddy store
winterpeg asked
I've used tabobaoring a couple times now, and I've had really excellent service! The have really good communication between staff and customers, and I highly recommend them. For my last order, they even informed me of a product that was sent in the wrong size, and sent it back to the seller to get the size I actually ordered! Plus their service fee is really agreeable.
Anonymous asked
Hello! What kind of shopping service have you used or would you recommend?

We don’t really like to recommend services because we haven’t tried them all and each one offers different things that may be important to you but not to us.

We’ve used Bhiner in the past (you really don’t want to know how that went) and Yoybuy (Admin K was happy with them) and we’re just now trying TaobaoSpree, all of which are popular services along with TaobaoRing, TaobaoNow, etc.

Hi so I don’t know I just felt like throwing this to you guys but these are some Google Docs made by other people that I use when searching around taobao.

Petrovna’s Taobao Dictionary

Taobao Store List

Taobao Spreadsheet

Lolita Indie Brands on Taobao (I threw this in because I find things here and there to add to every day wear)

Taobao Shopping Services guide/reviews on services

You guys may or may not have seen these but I didn’t find them anywhere in the FAQ


Admin Note: Yeah, we didn’t add them to the FAQ because neither Admin K or myself created them and we didn’t want to post anything without permission that others worked on.