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fist-my-squidward asked
thank you so much! I am finding everything I've been attempting to search for!

Glad it worked!

Anonymous asked
I want to say, thank you for the ear cuff help!

Glad to help!

fist-my-squidward asked
I spent a lot of time trying to find like goth related clothes (i.e. things with bones on them or things that have that kind of typical gothic style) But I have no idea what I should type in to find these things, do you think you could help me?

Not sure which unsettles me more, your icon or your name.. 

Goth stuff is kinda hard to find, I suggest trying ‘punk fashion’ ‘goth fashion’ or ‘gothic fashion’ popped into google translate. Also you can try subsituting the ‘fashion’ bit for whatever gender you want, like ‘goth female/male’ and so on. Or just try the words themselves. 

Anonymous asked
I can't seem to find a lot of ear cuffs on taobao. Do you have any recommendation?

骨 耳夹 骨 (bone ear clip)

Anonymous asked
This is more of a troubleshooting question I guess? Back before taobao changed/updated their website I used the method you explained to find large size shoes but now when I go to fashion shoes and translate the page everything moves to the far right of the screen and I can't click anything..?? Does this happen to anyone else and is there another way to look for large size shoes?

Oh god, this. I know what you’re talking about and it drives me absolutely mad. It’s probably a glitch that happened with the most recent update (why you update so much, taobao?!) but if you show the original (non-translated) version of the page, it looks perfectly fine.

Until they fix it, I suggest going straight to this link then disabling your translator to right the page and click the arrow to lower the options bar to reveal the size selection. You’ll have to shop going off the pictures alone but once you click on an item, the translating tool won’t effect the item page.

Anonymous asked
Kinda new to Taobao, and yes I read the FAQ, but how do you get a Taobao agent?


or you could read the FAQ again because I think you missed it the first time around..

princesskeru asked
I used 原宿项链项圈 软妹 as a search term for cute collar/chokers, sending this in for the taobao terms page ^^

Thank you